Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Chess in the Library- Now in NEW BRUNSWICK!

One of the original goals of Chess in the Library is to promote chess across Canada. Currently, most of our locations reside in Ontario, along with successful programs running in Alberta and British Columbia. Now, Chess in the Library is heading to the beautiful east coast! We are excited to announce that the newest place to promote chess is in Campbellton, New Brunswick!

Stepping into another province is truly a milestone. (Shoutout to our new president Vivek for his work to make this possible!) Not only is the New Brunswick far away from the base of CITL (Ontario), it’ll even operate in French as well since it is Canada’s (one and only) bilingual province. No worries there though; our volunteers have created bilingual materials for this location. On top of that, chess is an international language, remember? We are thrilled to bring chess to a different branch, a new city, and a wonderful province.

Today was the launch of the program- the program will run on Saturdays at the Campbellton Centennial Library.

The gorgeous Campbellton Library- the newest home for CITL

Stay tuned for more details on our website as the program will start in a few weeks!

Outreach Coordinator,
Tina Fang

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