Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Monday, 3 February 2014

West Region Tournament

On Saturday November the 23rd, Humberwood Library was host to our West Region Tournament! 34 people participated in all, making for a really fun day.
Everyone's thinking hard!

For the first time, we sold pizza. The tasty and satisfying meal kept our participants energized for four rounds of intense chess. The tournament was split into 3 categories: Grade 3 and under, Grade 6 and under, and Open. It was rated under CMA, and the winners of each category were also awarded prizes. 

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Grade 3 and under 1 William Wayne Orr 2 Andrew Lin 3 Jorge Jorda
Grade 6 and under 1 Tawsif Kamal 2 Julia Rodrigues 3 Diana Lin
Open 1 Jagdev Kondal 2 Raymond Quan 3 Rupin Khadwal
Of course, participation is also important and with the practice and experience that all of the participants got, everyone's a winner! That's why we gave everyone who came a certificate of participation. Thanks to all who showed up, and we hope to see you again for future tournaments!

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