Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

2013-2014 President Platform

Mohit Verma

             The past year I’ve gotten to work as junior executive president of Chess in the Library. A lot has gone by since then. I remember first hearing about Chess in the Library at a leadership retreat where I met Yuanling. From there I was offered an opportunity to be on the junior executive board and chosen as junior executive president. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Vivek who has shown me what it takes to be a president. His tasks began with creating a presentation for new volunteers and went up all the way to planning our volunteer appreciation party and running the recruitment for Brampton. I’ve learned a lot. For example, when hosting a party, always check the time for when a location opens. Now with Vivek leaving, I feel confident to take over his position and have year even stronger than the last. With the beginning of Brampton locations under way, Chess in the Library needs a strong and experienced leader who can not only take control and make sure this process happens, but help expand Chess in the Library to new reaches.

            Securing Brampton and scouting other libraries is not only a given but is already part of my duties as president. What I’d like to do apart from that is help get you, the volunteer, into more leadership roles. For example, possibly implementing branch leaders, so every library has one volunteer who on top of all of volunteer could report to me once in two months how a branch is doing in terms of participants or chess materials. By doing this we can help assure all of our Chess in the Library locations can run smoothly all year round. I’d also like to have more polls on our Chess in the Library facebook group, so let you help make executive decisions. Ultimately, this organization is nothing without its volunteers so it’s only fair that the volunteers have the right to influence our executive decisions.

            I know that among the volunteers there are many great, passionate leaders who are willing and ready to help Chess in the Library. That is why for you and for Chess in the Library, I want to help give the opportunity to make Chess in the Library an even better organization. What we can do in coming year is endless, and I want to help make it happen. So let me, Mohit Verma, become the president of our 2013-2014 Chess in the Library executive council.

Thank you all very much for an amazing year and let’s hope for more to come.

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