Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

2013-2014 Vice-President Platform for Christina Liu

Christina Liu

Over the past year, I, Christina Liu had served as Junior Executive Treasurer for CITL. This year, I am a hopeful and ambitious candidate to become Chess in the Library’s 2013-2014 Vice President. Throughout the year, I showed my dedication and commitment through my consistent interaction with the CITL members as a volunteer for the branches Fairview, Brookbanks, then Leaside, and rest currently as the leader of my branch. I’ve also fulfilled all my necessary duties as junior treasurer including drafting budget reports, seeking sponsors, managing donations etc. highlighting my responsibility and consistency. Furthermore, I’ve gone above my role, in writing CITL blog posts, finding and training additional volunteers, aiding my fellow executives here and there – demonstrating my flexibility and my ability to take initiative.   

Although Chess in the Library is a wonderful program, I do see some areas of improvement that, if elected 2013-2014 Vice President, I would ensure to improve.

  • 1.      The quality of Chess in the Library at existing branches 
    While making my rounds in volunteering, I’ve observed that many branches don’t get a favourable number of participants. In order to resolve this issue, I plan to promote throughout the library with posters, announcements as well as face-to-face advertising to attract more participant interest. 
  • 2      The lack of volunteers in circulation within branches
    Often I find that there is a lack of volunteers, especially those to fill in for one’s unavailable a certain session. As I’ve recruited a number of volunteers this year, if elected, I plan to take this even bigger next year. I plan to effectively advertise to all my ambitious friends as well as encouraging all my fellow executives and volunteers to tell their friends about this enriching experience
  • 3.      The organization of large festivals and tournaments.
    In some ways, I believe that our annual tournaments for CITL participants could be better. If elected VP, I would ensure to improve the organization and preparation in nearing a tournament as well as being present to assist in the carrying out of the event.

In taking part in my in school leadership activities, I’ve had much experience in drafting and distributing detailed meeting minutes, organizing upcoming meetings, acting as the main spokesperson during meetings, creating official volunteer and participant documents, updating and maintaining Facebook groups etc. I am very confident that I would make a superb Vice President for CITL for my experience, passion and collaboration. 

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