Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

2013-2014 Volunteer Coordinator Platforms

Terry Zhang

Greetings. My name is Terry Zhang. Over the past year, I have gained valuable experience through volunteering at Chess in the Library branches. I possess several distinguishing traits and skills which make me a prime candidate for the Volunteer Coordinator position at Chess in the Library.

The duties of the Volunteer Coordinator chiefly involve the actions of recruiting, training, and manage Chess in the Library Volunteers. I am a part of a large network of students across Canada and have several contacts in each of Canada's major cities, thus allowing for smooth and efficient communication between the executive team and regional directors. In addition, I will add more contacts over the summer through ShadValley and be able to elect a new regional director for the program in London, Ontario. My ability to quickly contact others would prove to be vital and efficient in the process of recruiting new volunteers and expanding to new cities.

Beyond recruiting, I am also very experienced in instructing and training people. Outside of chess, I am a certified snowboard instructor; my experience in teaching others how to perform certain actions can easily be applied to training volunteers on how to act professionally as well as teaching the game of chess to new players. This year, I volunteered at three branches (Malvern, Brookbanks, and Leaside) and spent the majority of my time teaching the basic mechanics of chess to younger kids. If elected, I would make sure that all Chess in the Library volunteers act in a proficient, efficient, and professional manner.

The toughest job of the Volunteer Coordinator is that of managing volunteer hours. From my experience of volunteering at three branches, I noticed  that the method of book keeping at each branch was not completely reliable. To improve the efficiency and reliability of the volunteer hours book-keeping, I plan on making the head volunteer at each Chess in the Library Branch e-mail me the names and hours of every volunteer who showed up on a weekly basis. This action does not require a lot of effort, yet it goes a long way in keeping Chess in the Library's book of volunteer hours up to date and accurate.

With these skills and ideas, I believe that I am a prime candidate for the position of Volunteer Coordinator. Vote for Terry Zhang for Volunteer Coordinator of Chess in the Library 2013-2014.

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