Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

2013-2014 Vice President Platform for Jessica Cao

Jessica Cao

 This is my platform and application for the position of 2013-2014 CITL Vice President: When I was little, I never had the privilege of learning chess because of time and financial constraints.  Thanks to CITL, kids from all over Canada can enjoy this.  As we continue moving forward, I am asking for your vote for 2013-2014 CITL Vice President.  This year, I have served as Media Coordinator on the executive team.  Since the day that I joined CITL, I’ve learnt so much and I’ve had some great experiences.  Despite my own lack of knowledge about chess, I’ve had a grand time!  This year, I was in charge of managing all media – social media and traditional media – related to all CITL events such as tournaments, branch openings, and the annual festival.  I’ve sent dozens of press releases, created posters, and designed the official CITL welcome package for sponsors, members, and volunteers that will be released soon.  So what about next year?  If I am elected as Vice President, I will be coordinating all media including press releases and Facebook posts – something I have already been doing for the past year.   In addition, I will also coordinate internal affairs by communicating with the rest of the executive members and collectively make decisions in the best interest of the organization.  I will help to not only create more branches, but also to establish sustainable operations to build a stronger CITL. Most importantly, I want to make CITL renowned.  CITL has really expanded to new horizons this year with many branch openings and successful events.  We have grown our organization to bring the opportunity of playing chess to youth all over Canada.  CITL is truly unique in that we provide chess education, competition, and prizes all without charging a penny.  Now, it’s time to get CITL into the public eye.  Through creating partnerships with media and promoting CITL in mainstream media outlets, I want to make more people than ever aware of what CITL is and what we stand for.  Let’s get people talking. I will do everything I can to bring the opportunities I never had to more youth.  I believe that my past experiences, my skills, and my passion for CITL will put me as a suitable candidate for your Vice President.  Give me your trust, and I will return it with the best of my ability. 

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