Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

2012-2013 CITL Executive Board Elections - Media Coordinator

Media Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities
The media coordinator will be responsible for maintaining a strong connection between all levels of the CITL family through social media updates (ex. Facebook, Twitter), and promoting CITL to children and youth, both as participants and volunteers. He or she will also be responsible for the graphical aspects accompanying CITL promotion: photos, banners, posters, and flyers.

Candidacy Platform
Jessica Cao is an enthusiastic grade 10 student running for Media Coordinator. She likes to make Youtube videos, solve Sudoku puzzles and stare off into space, but more than anything else, she loves marketing. Jessica recently placed fourth at the DECA International Career Development Conference, because that’s how obsessed she is with marketing. Jessica is very approachable and will willingly ramble on and on about anything. She is also the Chief Financial Officer of Glowstik Social Marketing, a company that uses social media to promote its clients. A social networking nut, Jessica is thrilled to have found a productive use of her wacky and somewhat unconventional ideas that seem to attract quite an audience. She correctly (read: stubbornly) believes that social media is the key to making anything big in the 21st century. Jessica has big dreams. Using the internet, Facebook, Twitter and various other social networking mediums, Jessica aims to create the most successful word-of-mouth campaign that Chess in the Library has ever seen.

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