Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

2012-2013 CITL Executive Board Elections - Vice President

Vice-President Roles and Responsibilities
The Vice-President acts as the secondary spokesperson of the CITL Executive Board and fills in for the President when the President is not available. When not filling in for the President, the Vice President shall act as the Chief of Internal Affairs. He or she sets dates for all formal CITL Executive Board meetings on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, including those concerned with the annual festival. During the meetings, the Vice President is responsible for taking detailed minutes. Between meetings, the Vice President oversees the completion of the action-tasks as described in the minutes; for this purpose, he or she shall maintain an open line of communication with the other executives as necessary. In addition, the Vice-President is responsible for crafting press-releases and for constructing any written documents, excluding the constitution and volunteer-hours letter.

Candidacy Platform
I’m Kevin Wu, a candidate for 2012-2013 CITL Vice President. In the summer of 2009, I joined CITL at its very first branch, Brookbanks, and went on to volunteer there for several months, later moving to initiate a program at Pleasantview branch.

Currently I volunteer at Malvern branch and am the leader of the program there, as well as being director of the Scarborough area (that is, Fairview, Brookbanks, Malvern, and Bridlewood). Previously, I served as Executive Director on the first council.

Regardless, this position is not voted in for individual achievements. Even Yuanling, our founder, got the program started with the collective help of our first few volunteers. That is why I aim to improve our program for all who wish to play or volunteer in the future, with the aid of fellow board members.

As a candidate for next year’s CITL Vice President, there are a number of topics within CITL that I would like to address.

1. The departure of volunteers from the class of 2012 (and next year, the class of 2013)
· Understandably, a fairly large proportion of our volunteers are in the same graduating class as our president, leaving for university this year
· Each year, the same thing will happen to each graduating class.
· I wish to initiate a system that will ensure a ready inflow of junior volunteers to compensate for this outflow. From active recruitment to a cross-school network of advocates, there are many possible solutions, but this issue cannot be ignored

2. The continuity of established programs
· From having visited branches in the Scarborough area and occasionally those in other areas, I have noticed that some libraries will reach low numbers of participants for short durations
· Our prototypical approach to this problem has been to hold promotional sessions at the affected library to increase interest
· I will suggest that much more attention be diverted to sustaining libraries on top of our initiatives to start new ones. New vectors to increased participation such as neighborhood promotion or semi-regular library visits and flyers can be considered.

3. Communication within the council
· The Vice President is responsible for setting meeting dates for the council and internal communication within the council.
· From having been invited to several meetings of the 5-member official council this year, I have observed that communication within the council has been largely smooth
· However, there is the occasional lapse caused by one or two people who do not check their email on a regular basis, or who choose to turn off their phones, or some other obligation.
· I wish to create a set of rules that must be followed for effective communication within the council – that is, say, a must-reply window or a collective online group

Aside from addressing these points of discussion I am very confident that I will be a fit for the listed duties of CITL VP, having done similar jobs throughout my Executive Director term and as tournament director and organizer of our first Scarborough Tournament.


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