Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

2012-2013 CITL Executive Board Elections - Webmaster

Webmaster Roles and Responsibilities
The webmaster must be aware of all events occurring in the organization and maintains the official CITL website accordingly. He or she will update the "Locations" page frequently with new notices whenever a CITL program commences or terminates. He or she is also responsible for updating the events page along with the corresponding photos and/or videos. Additionally he or she will strive to integrate volunteer and librarian feedback into the CITL website through feedback forms, survey, etc.

Candidacy Platform

I, Jesse Feng, hereby support my conditions that make me an ideal person for the position of the Webmaster

Firstly, I am capable of completing my duties as the Webmaster. Prior to this election, I have worked at Brook Banks Branch for the CITL for almost 3 years. I personally have a personal experience of the need for volunteers. I am very interested in keeping track of volunteer locations, and distributing new volunteers according to the demand. As an economic student, I am sure that I can determine the best locations to send volunteers according to the member to volunteer ratio. I am capable of keeping in contact and consolidate volunteer hours biannually. And as a computer science student, I have the ability to update the official website for CITL periodically.

Secondly, I have great personal soft skills that I believe will help me accomplish the tasks for the Webmaster. I am punctual then I would be able to provide the information, and process the required tasks on time, and hence I would not slow down other colleagues due to my personal inability to handle my tasks. Despite the common belief for IB students (same for all others actually), I have very good time management ability. I know which work to do, and which work to do first. Hence I am able to finish all my work and the tasks as Webmaster without any conflict. I have a good attitude when communicating with others. This allows the smoothest possible transfer of volunteers, and it minimizes the friction of moving volunteers from current position to a better one. My mild tempers also allows the volunteers to approach me to speak of concerns easily. Which allows me to acquire the most up-to-date information and hence make the best possible decision on the volunteer distribution.

Thirdly, as I have practically been a volunteer since the beginning of the CITL, I am motivated to move on further than a Branch leader. Despite that I liked working with children, and adult members, I would like to attempt to participate in the decision making group of our organization. The motivation of wanting to advance in the position also drives me to become a better volunteer as well. For that reason, I wish to become the Webmaster.

Finally, as I am unaware of the other candidates for this position, I can only speak of my best advantages over the possible others. I have been close friends with other volunteers and most of the directors and executives in the past years. I am familiar in some of the tasks they handle, and I am more familiar to the duties that I face in the position. Hence makes me a more experienced candidate. Hence I, Jesse Feng, believe that I want the position, and I would perform outstandingly.

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