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Chess In The Library

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chess In The Library Jr.!

For the very first time since its beginning in 2009, Chess In The Library will now be welcoming a whole new board into its organization: the Junior Executives!

The Junior Executive board was formed in order to give CITL volunteers more leadership opportunities, and encourage more volunteers to play a more prominent role in CITL’s administrations. It is an apprenticeship position that is opened only to the younger volunteers in the hope that the experience gained in-position will serve well as the jumping point to an Executive position in the future. The Junior Executives are expected to take part in the projects of their Executive, and share a small part of his/her duties. While they do not need to attend Executive meetings, they are expected to meet with their mentor on a monthly-basis, and to proactively seek learning opportunities.

Approximately a month prior to the annual festival, the Junior Executive candidates were nominated by the outgoing Executive Board. Each Executive may nominate up to 5 candidates; after the nominations, the candidates were interviewed to assess their skills, motivation, drive, and suitability to their chosen roles and to the organization at large. At the end of the interview cycle, the Executive Committee voted to decide the most suitable applicant for each position.

After such a thorough electoral process, the Junior Executive board was finally formed! And now, without further ado, here are the Chess In The Library Junior Executives for 2012-2013:

Mohit Verma - President

Terry Zhang - Vice-President 
Christina Liu - Treasurer
Zelin Liu - Director of Communications
Tim Fei - Media Coordinator

Congratulations to all of the chosen applicants! I would personally like to welcome you to the Chess In The Library family, and I look forward to all your great work in the near future!

Vivek Chachcha
Director of Communications
Chess In The Library

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