Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

2012-2013 CITL Executive Board Elections - Treasurer

Treasurer Roles and Responsibilities
The Treasurer is responsible for contacting potential sponsors and donors as well as managing all CITL finances. This individual drafts a budget (to be completed before the end of August) in consultation with the President and constructs an official budget report (to be completed at the end of the following July), outlining all expenses and revenues, as well as recommendations for the succeeding executives. Moreover, the Secretary/Treasurer directs any fundraising events and is in charge of the cashbox or donation box during those events.

Candidacy Platform
I am determined to bring Chess in the Library to a stable financial state since the program we're a part of simply can't run without funds from sponsors and donations for things like prizes, equipment, etc. Nobody would like to close down our program because of lack of funds and I'm here to make sure that will never happen.

As treasurer of the CITL, here are some things that I will try to accomplish at the best of my ability.

- Make a budget for the next running year, including necessary expenses that will be paid for by raised funds

- Hold fundraising events, attracting sponsors and donors alike. Some of my current ideas involve having a blitz tournament of clients vs. masters where for a small fee, everyone gets a chance to play masters who are willing to participate in the event. Apart from making some revenue, this will hopefully attract the media's attention which is one step towards getting sponsors. Another idea is holding a training seminar for the serious players throughout CITL which will be run by trained volunteers and chess teachers.

- Contact potential sponsors who are sympathetic to our cause. Since CITL is a non-profit organization, we'd also be able to issue tax-receipts for any donors. Some large sponsors that we might be interested in are Ontario Trillium Foundation, which has granted money for chess in Canada before. We can show all the things CITL has already achieved such as introducing a huge number of kids to the game all over the world, not just Canada. Small chess related companies and businesses may also be interested in sponsoring us since it would raise their image and may attract customers.

- Make a follow-up budget at the end of the year to see how our finances fared throughout 2012/2013.

These and many other things will by my responsibility if I will be elected.

I hope you will support me in my bid to become treasurer, and just remember this, if you support me, you're supporting Canadian chess!

Mike Ivanov.

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