Chess In The Library

Chess In The Library

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

2012-2013 CITL Executive Board Elections - President

President Roles and Responsibilities
The President acts as the leader and primary spokesperson of the CITL Executive Board. He or she sets a typed agenda in consultation with other executive members for all formal CITL Executive Board meetings. One of the President’s main responsibilities is to contact potential locations and expand the program nationwide. In addition, the President evaluates annually the performance of the organization in achieving its. Finally, he or she should maintain a blog with updates on a bi-weekly basis.

Candidacy Platform
At any point in time, our life, and consequently our actions, can be divided into three parts: the past, the present, and the future. Over the past year as Director of Communications for CITL, I have strived to go above and beyond my expectations in order to further improve and expand this organization. In the short course of this year, I have: created a brand-new website, overseen a deal with a government agency earning CITL $100, scouted two new locations (one in Vaughan and one in Newmarket), and have recruited approximately ten new volunteers on top of the already existing volunteers. These only go to show what I have done in the past, but what am I doing right now? Currently, I am in the process of overseeing the integration of two more libraries: Cedarbrae Library, a part of TPL, and Cloverdale Library in Surrey, a city near Vancouver. Most importantly, what do I plan to do in the future? Well, if elected, I plan to expand this organization in every aspect of the word. I plan to expand to even newer locations: I already have several libraries I plan to approach in order to create an even stronger CITL presence in the western region of the GTA. I plan to expand the organization structurally in order to ensure that it continues far beyond my term: I have already talked to Youth Action Network (YAN), the national non-profit organization that created Youth Week, which is now an internationally recognized youth movement. I further plan to use this partnership with YAN in order to expand this organization financially: we already have 31 locations and 3 tournaments annually, but with greater financial backing, CITL could expand to over 50 locations and 5 tournaments annually! 

Vivek Chachcha
2011-2012 CITL Director of Communications

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